10 Feb 2016

Financial literacy seminars were held in Almaty region

On January 27, 2016, KMF’s employees held the financial literacy training "Balance Sheet in Business Management" for the company’s customers in “Shelek” outlet. On January 28, the seminar “Cash Flow Management" was held in Talgar.

The business coach offered interesting tasks. In order to become a financially literate person one should not only be able to make financial plans and implement them properly, but during difficult times one should be able to dispose the funds properly and invest for getting stable income in future.

According to the participants, such training is very useful because it allows you to raise significantly the level of knowledge in financial disciplines. This has a positive impact on the conduct of business: transparency and efficiency of financial operations are being improved.

Upon completion of the training, all participants received the training certificates, as well as the book "The Way to Success".