28 Jan 2016

Microfinance is gaining popularity among the people of Kazakhstan

Following the results of 2015 the KMF clients exceeded 150 000 people, the loan portfolio increased to 34 bln. KZT.

According to the data of analytical portal in 2015 banks of Kazakhstan drastically reduced lending rates to population. Over January-November, 2015 in aggregate loans were disbursed by 21% less than over the same period in 2014. In these conditions the initiative on loan provision is recaptured by microcredit organizations. Following the result of the 3rd quarter, 2015 the loan disbursement volume to individuals by microcredit organizations has grown 2,2 times, up to 30 bln. KZT.

KMF is a leader of microfinance market of Kazakhstan. As of 9 months of 2015 KMF holds 30% of total loan portfolio of all microfinance organizations (MFOs) of the republic. KMF has also successfully closed 2015.Over the year active clients' number increased by 15% from 128 756 people to 151 903 as of January 1, 2016. The social portrait of KMF borrower is as follows: 70% of borrowers live in rural area, 65% of clients received group loan. Female borrowers' share is 65%.

Following the results of the past year the loan portfolio has increased by 24% to 34,7 bln. KZT including 56% of loan portfolio disbursed for business development, 63% is loans in rural area, 55% is group loans. 28% of loan portfolio has been disbursed for agriculture development.