30 Jul 2014

Training workshop within the project “Increase of financial literacy of the RK population” was provided in Shelek Outlet of Almaty Oblast

Microcredit organization “KMF” continues provision of events within frames of the social Project “Improvement of financial literacy of the RK population”, implemented from December 2013.

Today at 11:00, training workshop on financial literacy of population for 20 entrepreneurs was delivered in Shelek Outlet.

Loan Officers provided 3 lessons in easily accessible form and with enthusiasm – 6th lesson “Loan: how to escape problems”, 7th lesson “What one should know before signing the contract?” 8th lesson “My rights and obligations as a Borrower”. All lessons were provided in Kazakh. Trainers applied assessment at one of the lessons which helped to deliver information of the lesson in more understandable way.

Loan Officers answered all questions that interested the clients. And the clients in turn expressed gratitude for organization of the event and underlined the significance of this project for them, shared their experience and application or received knowledge in the daily life.

- I can’t imagine myself, if I hadn’t applied to KMF. I am happy being a free entrepreneur. It is a pleasure to see that the company is growing together with us. I have learned important lesson from today’s workshop- I will always read attentively the loan agreement from now and ask questions. One should be serious with documents, - says client Sakiyeva Bubizhan (entrepreneur, sphere of business - trade).

- I am dealing with cattle breeding, received loan for my business development. I am participating with pleasure in KMF training project. I always apply received knowledge to practice. Today’s lesson on types of loans was best remembered for. Also, it was very interesting to know about rights and obligations of borrower, – says Marat Mursalinov dweller of Shelek village (sphere of business – cattle breeding).

After completion of the workshop clients received leaflets – all 10 lessons of the project and Isker corporate magazine.

Let us remember the project goal: imrove financial literacy of the RK citizens by way of provision possibility to them for free participation in training workshops, and also to strengthen opportunity to increase quality of financial services consumers rights protection.

Everyone interested may participate in this project.