01 Mar 2016

The possibility to sign up for the free financial literacy workshops 2016 in advance has been realized

The possibility to sign up for the financial literacy workshop on the web-site has been realized. Any Kazakhstan citizen can sign up for the workshop on financial literacy in family budget management in advance, for the preferable topic. The project consist of 10 topics-lessons. Now training schedule for March, April and May 2016 on 12 Kazakhstan's regions, which include about 100 settlements: : regional centers, towns and villages is available on the web-site.

In the nearest time the training schedule will be enhanced till the end of 2016 as well as the new application form for the workshop will be introduced.

Microfinance organization KMF with the support of parent organization "KMF Demeu" has been holding more than for two years free training workshops on financial literacy in family budget management and more than 75 000 have been trained during this period.

By means of our workshops each Kazakhstan citizen can acquire knowledge necessary for rational distribution of personal funds on a free basis.

How to sign up for the training?

  1. Choose a workshop month/topic in the workshop schedule.
  2. Choose the preferable settlement.
  3. Select date and time.
  4. Sing up for the workshop, having submitted application to the email or contact person's phone.