14 Feb 2014

МCО «KMF» announces about launching social project on «Improving financial literacy among Kazakhstani people»

Microcredit organization «KMF» supported by Corporate Fund «KMF-Demeu» is launching Project on «Improving financial literacy among Kazakhstani people» to be actively implemented during the whole 2014.

Topicality: In terms of social responsibility in April 2013 KMF conducted a survey on assessing the need in education which proved this project to be actual: despite the need in knowledge in the sphere of finance a lot of Kazakhstani people do not have enough skills to take proper financial decisions. At the same time level of using financial services is growing every year.

In July 2013 special 10-days’ training for trainers was held for business-trainers according to Financial Literacy improvement program developed following survey results. Lecturers and authors of handbook for trainers were international microfinance consultants. After training more than 20 participants have obtained certificates and opportunity to train credit specialists within the company. Afterwards they will be able to conduct workshops for KMF clients and for other people of the republic intending to take part in this project.

Project aim: to improve welfare of families with low income through enhancing financial literacy and expanding knowledge on financial possibilities by providing them free participation in workshops.

Program project consists of 10 topics, i.e., 10 independent workshops and represents an innovative program of financial literacy improvement based on providing people understandable and competent answers on financial questions they are interested in. Each topic has colorful brochure designed as hand-outs for listeners. Brochures are issued in Kazakh and Russian languages and written in clear and plain language, include examples, tables and recommendations.

Zhussupov Shalkar, CEO of МCО «KMF»: «We enjoy the opportunity to make our contribution into improvement of living conditions for Kazakhstani population by providing access to quality microfinance services. Besides, we would like to train them how to treat money in the most favorable way. Improvement of financial literacy among population will facilitate more effective usage of funds, which, undoubtedly, will result in a better financial stability for each family».

In 2014 it is planned to hold over 10 000 workshops for KMF clients, above 100 meetings with businessmen-beginners and high school students, above 30 workshops on various financial and non-financial events. Within this project framework print information products were designed for customers, including posters, brochures, etc. These information materials are aimed at different groups of consumers and contain specific recommendations.

We invite those interested in cooperation.

Contact person: Evgenia Pigul
Leading PR Specialist
Tel: 8 777 356 9995

Briefly about «KMF»:

Microcredit Organization «KMF» has been operating in the market since 1997.

For 16 years from its inception the Company has become one of the leaders in microfinance sector in Central Asia. At present MCO «KMF» is the largest microcredit organization in Kazakhstan with loan portfolio above 17 bln. KZT and over 99 000 active clients.

The Company is targeted at building long-term partnership relations with clients based on mutual confidence, understanding and respect. МCО «KMF» provides individual and group loans for the following types of activity: business, vegetable growing and cattle breeding, production of commodities, rendering services and consumer purposes.

Besides expanding product line the Company regularly works on extending its regional network. 16 branches successfully operate in large Kazakhstan cities, as well as 69 outlets, 55 of which function in rural areas. In general all these offices provide access to microfinance services in over 3 500 remote inhabited areas.