04 Nov 2014

Financial literacy – a way to success!

November 1, 2014 conference “Financial literacy- a way to success” on increase of financial literacy of population took place in Almaty.

Representatives of the Association of Microfinance Organization of Kazakhstan, the Supervisory Board of “KMF-Demeu”, mass-media took part in the conference.

The event was opened by the General Director “KMF-Demeu” Ibragimova Rauza Abulvakhitovna. She noticed in her report an undoubted importance of the financial literacy in contemporary society and summarized preliminary results of non-financial services of “MCO “KMF” LLC as of December, 2013.

According to research among 5 200 participants of Financial education program, more than 71% gave excellent rating. More than 80% regard this project necessary and more than 70% would like to continue training.

To present day, about 30 000 people across Kazakhstan have increased financial literacy. About 10 000 seminars provided, more than 100 meetings are held with entrepreneurs.

“The main aim of the conference – sharing of best practices, knowledge and experience in the sphere of financial literacy. I hope that received results will be useful for all the participants, and recommendations made will really be used in practical activity. We hope that in future the Conference on financial literacy will become an effective basis for discussion and taking joint decisions on the base of experience of participants, uniting all the financial institutes,” noted the General Director of Corporate Fund “KMF-Demeu” Ibragimova Rauza Abulvakhitovna.

We are planning in 2015 – development of the project on increasing financial literacy in managing household budget and launching the project – “Increase of financial literacy in business management”. Vladimir Tunitckiy- international expert in the sphere of financial literacy of population – elaborated on this part of the project.

Within frames of the project, KMF is producing short animated movies on all 10 lessons. The movies will be posted in Internet and be available to everyone.

We would like to remind that the aim of the project: improving welfare of low-income families through increase of financial literacy and expansion of knowledge on financial opportunities by providing them with opportunity of free participation in training seminars.