19 May 2015

KMF was the official sponsor of the Inter-Regional Congress “Business-Region”

On May 14-15 the Congress of directors and owners of companies “Business-region” was held in Almaty.

The KMF and KMF-Demeu group of companies were the official sponsor of the Inter-regional congress of directors and owners of companies the “BIZNES-REGION” within the Forum of "Family business" the third year in a row.

The congress "Business region" is two days of the exhibition in a business to business format, deep discussions, in which the heads of government institutions, deputies of Mazhilis, representatives of the international financial structures took part, networking-sessions and workshops.

Within the Congress the following events were conducted:

  • Business program;
  • B4B exhibition-presentation;
  • Forum of solutions;
  • Award ceremony of Public Recognition “Gold fund of regions of Kazakhstan”.

Congress Participants:

  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Representatives of public authorities and local authorities;
  • Representatives of institutes of development and academic community;
  • Representatives of entrepreneurial associations / business communities;
  • Media representatives.

"Our objective is to support the initiative of " Family Business Association" in creation of an effective dialogue platform concerning family entrepreneurship among owners of business, representatives of the government and public institutions. To create necessary conditions for expansion business and commercial linkages, to assist in development of family and regional entrepreneurship. To support business comprehensively, thus without requiring any big financial investments", - the KMF Chairman of the Management Board o - Shalkar Amangosovich Zhusupov notes.

Participation of family entrepreneurs in the Congress provided opportunity to expand the business territory, to fill up base with real solvent clients, to create partner communications with regional entrepreneurs, public organizations and state structures, to demonstrate success of their activities at the regional level, to gain new knowledge in the corporate governance sphere, social marketing, application of innovative technologies in business, creations of new productions and possibility of entity development in modern economic conditions.

Within the Congress there was a presentation about alternative sources of financing and discussion in the Open space format where the KMF Head Quarter’s staff took active part and explained to family entrepreneurs about conditions and methods of microfinancing in KMF. On one of such sessions the KMF was presented by the SME Unit Manager - Egizbekova Asem. Asem’s presentation received a good response among entrepreneurs of small business, people were interested and asked questions. Also they were interested in the provided handout material. On the second day of the Congress from the KMF Company side the Manager of Business-Processes and Loan Product Development Unit – Spirin Ilya spoke in panel session "Alternative Sources of Business Projects Financing ", with a subject "Collective financing. Experience of Kazakhstan".During his speech the speaker concerned such credit products as "Dos" and "Dostar". And provided answers on questions of listeners. The loan officer of Almaty branch “On Rozybakiyev” - Zhandos Amzeev answered on questions together with Ilya.

Within the Congress the exhibition was organized where the MFO KMF was also presented. Loan officers from Branches of the Company, namely Almaty branch "On Kaldayakov" and Almaty branch "On Rozybakiyev", took active part in publicizing of KMF work among visitors of the event. Besides, the event was attended by clients of the Almaty region of the Company who took active part in discussion of some sessions, and also gave interview for the corporate magazine "Isker" and for the KMF web-site.

Besides, on May 13 the press conference was conducted for the purpose of informing mass media and the public on an upcoming event. Ibragimova Rauza Abdulvakhitovna- PR Adviser to the KMF Chairman of the Management Board took part as the speaker.