23 Aug 2016

Benches as a KMF’s gift to Atbasar

Today, Atbasar received ten more benches. Such a gift to the city was made by microfinance organization KMF.

Benches in Atbasar were installed for a definite reason – it is a contribution for providing urban amenities. KMF’s capital branch came forward with this idea, and Atbasar’s akimat supported it and showed the most crowded places in the city, where benches are needed: near the train station, bus station and near akimat.

Several design options were offered. KMF and the city administration approved the red design with KMF’s logo. “Our slogan is “Real support for a real business” and we follow it by providing support to the city and contributing to its improvement”, Arman Sarsengaliyev, Director of KMF’s Astana branch said.

Thousands of city dwellers visit daily the train station and the bus station. KMF’s management believes that benches are really needed. Microfinance organization is planning to install benches in other small cities of Kazakhstan.

Atbasar office of microfinance organization KMF is located at the following address: 37, Furmanov str., tel: +7(71625) 52618