Akimzhanova Gulshat

Gulshat Akimzhanova is the member of KMF Management Board since 2006 and Deputy Chairman of the Management Board since 2008.

She is supervising the regional development, products and microfinance business-processes development, small business, marketing and social performance development, staff training issues.

Earlier she held the position of the Credit Department Director, Operational Director, Shymkent and Almaty Branches Director.

Ms. Akimzhanova has a great experience in finance services, which includes the executive positions.

The occupational life in banking sector is more than 22 years, more than 17 of them are in microfinance.

Prior KMF employment she was the Head of the General Accounting Department of Taldykorgan Regional Department of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. She joined KMF in 1998 as the Chief Accountant of the Company.

She was awarded with the Certificate of merit for significant contribution to development of Kazakhstan Community Loan Fund and the title of “Fund Veteran” is awarded;

She was awarded with the Diploma for invaluable contribution to development of the Corporate Fund “Kazakhstan Lending Fund”;

In 2013 she was awarded with the public medal as “The Best Financier” for contribution to financial sector development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 1982 she graduated with honors Almaty Institute of National Economy as the “Economist”. She participates workshops for professional financiers regularly, has several certificates in management and finance.

She has 2 adult daughters.

Hobby - hiking, swimming, fitness, she likes reading as a hobby.